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Sunday, 06 April 2014 23:02:22                    

Welcome to my website!


Sybil and Hector go in search of Good Luck especially for you in CALENDAR 2013 on sale NOW!

Airedale Terriers everywhere are welcome at Airedales Are Us.                       A website dedicated to the 'King of the Terriers'. The Airedale!!                 





Basil is an Airedale Angel now. Thank you for all your prayers & support at what has been an emotional time. Special memorial soon xxxx


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 1.00 from every calendar sold goes to Airedale Rescue UK and this year 50p to Disabled Rabbits in memory of our Dear Jasper. Thank you.





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Airedales are amazing terriers, not surprising perhaps they are the King of Terriers. Full of mischief and own you !! At Airedales Are Us we aim to bring Airedales all over the world together. Sharing frustration, mischief, cunningness, stubbornness and profound deafness (when suits the occasion). Airedales are very intelligent which is of course very hard work indeed trying to be one step ahead. Now and then you'll come across an Airedale Terrier who appears as though they have been touched with a daft stick....or are they even more intelligent?? Only time will tell. One things for sure, there is never a dull moment with the Beloved Airedale. Thank Goodness, not what I said earlier when Sybil stole a bottle of vegetable oil and drunk upset yet!!  Well I expect you've guessed by now, I'm hooked and happy.

I dedicate this site to my Beloved Airedale Companions:-

Maisy, who should have put me off Airedales for life but instead gave me a reason to live!     

Oscar, who was a gentle giant who always came when he was called, a big brother who loved 'all creatures great and small' a gentle giant indeed and my very dear brave devoted friend

Basil, who is as daft as a 'Brush' would be cuddled all day, kind, gorgeous and is bore old age and a sudden serious illness with great dignity. Always had a big smile on his furry face, our 'Laughing Boy'

Sybil, for keeping Hector under control, unless she wants what he's got, for keeping watch and loving us. Taken on the role of  'Top Dog' reluctantly after almost losing her before Basil. Sweet Sybil.

Hector, for the active life we live because of him, for his gentleness and love for Basil. Trying to be a lapdog and playing fetch (yes it's true). A dog version of William Brown, a real character who plans all his mischief as only a boy can. Cheeky teddy bear.


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