Bronson (South Bend, IN, USA)       Loving the snow at 1 Year Old!!
   Daisy (Hamilton,ON,CAN)




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    Fanta   (Valencia, Spain)


Welcome to my website!


 to the Airedale Gallery

Thanks for visiting and joining our gallery of Airedale friends!



Finni (Notts, GBR)


Cassidy (Wilts, GBR)
Harry (Wilts, GBR)


Phoebe (Dorset, GBR)



Bolly (Hants, GBR)



JR  (Dupuque, IIA, USA)


Coltrane (Randolph, NU, USA)
Molly & Taffy (Kent, GBR)





Meggie (Jacksonville, FL, USA)







The Ganstead Gang (Sasbia, Jessica, Toyah, Ruby & Frankie the Mad Wire-Haired Fox Terrier from Ganstead, East Yorks, GBR)



Rose (Prineville, OR, USA)



      Deefor (GBR)




Bronson (South Bend, IN, USA)


     Fanta - 1aņo  (Valencia, Spain)





 Phoebe had babies on 18/06/09            (Dorset, GBR)





 Phoebe's babies born on 18/06/09       -less than a week old  (Dorset, GBR)
Finni & Nelly after and 'Airedo'(Notts, GBR)


Ollie (Middlesborough, Eng, GBR)




KeNay  (Pachuca, HID, Mexico)



 Pepper (Busselton, WA,        AUS)
JR  (Dupuque, IIA, USA)

The Ganstead Gang  (Ganstead, East Yorks, GBR)



 Roxy (Bampton, Devon, ENG)




Finni (Notts, GBR)
Linda & Stef's Gang  (Belgium, Europe)



Charlenes' Fabulous 'Dale!     Love those noses!!

(Seattle, WA, USA)


(Sao Paulo, Brasil)



Donna Anna  (Belgium, Europe)
Phoebe (Dorset, GBR)


Gin  (Belgium, Europe)


Oscar Bear in the sea (Tentsmuir, Scotland, GBR)



Phoebe & Babies (Dorset, GBR)
Phoebe's Babies at 4wks (Dorset, GBR)
Oscar Bear....There I was surrounded (Tentsmuir, Scotland, GBR)












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