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Welcome to my website!
Thursday 10th January 2008



                                                         to  Hector's Diary








Tonight I did a very foolish thing whilst out on a walkie with my Dad, though I didn't think so at the time, in fact I thought it was brilliant jumping about in a BIG MUDDY PUDDLE up to my neck and in my ears. To my horror when I got home my paddling pool was full of warm soapy water which he and Mum expected me to leap in to. Huh!!! They forced me in ( I didn't make it easy for them) and washed all that lovely mud off me, then I had to be dried with towels. Basil and Sybil were no help, they just watched. I would say they were cross with me but I think they thought it was bath time and that would fill them with horror. I don't see why they got away with can be so unfair!!


Well today was a mixture of good and bad really. By the way I'm famous now. Luke made a film of me out on a walkie and put it on YouTube (see above). I haven't seen it yet but everyone's laughing and saying how good it is!! Very exciting. When we got home Mum, Dad, Basil and Sybil were out. I was downstairs alone when I spotted some very pretty sweets. Naturally I had to get them from the work top. Not sure about the taste but Luke likes them. Anyway when Mum and Dad came home Mum let out a yell and then she made a phone call. I couldn't believe my luck when they put me in the car, a second walk??

Well it wasn't a walk I went to see my friends at the vets...I was surprised coz I didn't realise I was ill? Anyway they took me to their treatment room and I was very polite. Mummy said I should always remember my manners so I sat up with my paws in the air and said please only to receive a nasty sting and a needle in my neck! Then they put me in a kennel which surprised me somewhat as I overheard the vet saying he'd make my Mum and Dad a cup of tea while they waited for me, but I was ready?? Then the most awful thing happened I was very sick not once or twice but four times in total, Everyone seemed very pleased as they looked at my sick and appeared to see something exciting. Couldn't really see the fascination myself. I then went home feeling rather weak and tired still not sure what all the fuss was about until i heard Mum and Dad telling Luke it was his fault I had eaten his antibiotics!!

I thought they were sweets....certainly seemed to taste okay. Mind you I don't think I'll be taking anything off of the work surface for a while....well not until tomorrow anyway!













Christmas Day!! Lovely pressies, I'm so lucky!!  But guess what Nanny, Grandad, Grandma and Grandpa came. Lots of people to pester....and I did!! We even had a Turkey dinner which was wonderful because Dad doesn't usually want to share his Turkey with anyone. Mum said he'd get like Henry XIII if he didn't share. I didn't understand but it seemed to do the trick. I didn't know what to play with so we watched the Queen and I insisted that everyone pay me attention. Basil disappeared when he saw the christmas crackers even though Mum had removed the bangs. We did have fun with the bubbles they blew for us.

What a wonderful day...I wish everyday was like this but I'm told I have to wait a year.. It's bedtime now and I must say we're all very tired so I hope we sleep well coz apparently we're Boxing tomorrow!!!!


        Tuesday 25th December 2007







       Saturday 8th December 2007

Wow what a great day. My family got loads of cool toys for us to play with!! All bright and sparkly. My favourite is a snowman but he has a ridiculous hat on so I have removed it!! My family weren't too pleased when they saw what I had done, I bet the snowman was.



       Saturday 17th November 2007





        Wednesday 31st October 2007 








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What a brilliant day. Dad went shopping this morning and brought back some wonderful goodies. I just had long enough to take a bag of frozen corn on the cob into the garden and eat all but one before I was rumbled. Dad shouted and as I saw him charge towards me with a cross face I decided to make myself scarce. Dad chased me shouting something or other but I was too fast for him and my Mum (Sybil) chased Dad barking, seeing I was under attack (or perhaps she wanted the last corn on the cob that Dad still had in his hand?). My human Mum was laughing and said she wished she had her video because she could've made 250.  He didn't catch me thanks to Sybil who caught him!!
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