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 Life in the old dog yet!!!
Welcome to my website!

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Basil's Birthday


Basil's Guide  to coping with         Old Age!




Hey Guys I've got a COPPER NECKLACE!!  Wow....I already had a magnetic collar but since I've been sporting my COPPER bling I have felt so much better. The Previcox made me feel better but when I got my necklace I sprang into action. I got it on ebay! Don't doubt it's magical powers, I wouldn't have believed it. If you want the link just e-mail and I'll let you know. xx

I have to say I'm a bit fed up now I have arthritis. I just can't walk as  far as I used to. Anyway all is not lost, I have a few very handy  tips for all you OAPs (Old Airedale Pouches) out there.

Well I have to say I am now very stiff in the hips and one front leg. I have            cataracts growing in one eye and am slightly hard of hearing which had it's benefits on bonfire night. I can't walk as far these days and oh how I long to do a full walk like I used to. The mind is so willing but my body just isn't as able anymore. Stairs are tricky now and it won't be long before I'll need a lift and being independent just wont be an option. My Mum & Dad have come up with some help for me, so I can still enjoy myself:-

  • I go for rides in the car and then we stop and I investigate new walks...very interesting finding new smells, jumping in leaves, chasing the odd squirrel in a moment of excitement (it's so easy to forget I'm not so young these days) and best of all I get a lift home.
  • I have warm wheat bags on my hips after my walk and sometimes at bedtime (cosy!!)
  • Mummy gives me Reiki which sends me off to sleep and feels very relaxing
  • I take Seraquin from my vets which is Glucosamine & Chronodine
  • I am now having regular anti-inflammatory injections too
  • I also have Homeopathic medication which makes me feel perkier.
  • I have a dog chew especially for joints every day and do my exercises.

Well as you can see I am well looked after.                                                           Just remember car rides mean you don't                                                               have to walk there or back so you can still                                                          chase the odd creature. Being spoilt rotten                                                        helps even though it's hard to accept not                                                                 being able to do the things you used to do.                                                            I am gradually getting used to slowing down                                                          but I still manage the odd game, a dig in the                                                          garden but most of all I love a cuddle

More from Basil very soon!                              



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