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Welcome to my website!
Image: Paw Prints

I first got hooked on Airedales 24 years ago when I bought Maisy, "Lytchdale Aphrodite".

She was my best friend and companion, what a personality she had, never a dull moment but sadly shortly after I got married she was taken ill and died within three days at the age of 5 and a half. I was devastated at losing a dear devoted friend. The house was so empty without her, so we eventually decided to get another Airedale, Oscar.


Dearest Oscar was 9 months old when our son was born and they were so close. Then on Oscars 2nd birthday our daughter was born. We were destined never to forget him. He was an angel. As we got more pets he loved them all. We bought a Guinea Pig, Tiggy and they used to walk round together, waiting for a snippet of Rich Tea, sat side by side when the biscuit tin came out. Oscar was always at the vets but miraculously made it to nearly 12 years, passing away at home with us all with him. We still miss him dreadfully.


Basil joined the family when Oscar was 7 years to help liven him up and he sure did that. Basil is like the typical blunder puss. He is now 12 and has slow cataracts and arthritis but it doesn't stop him disappearing into the undergrowth when out on walkies, he loves paddling and playing with Hector. If you spent all day cuddling him that would be fine. You may mistake him for a couch potato but he soon springs into action.


Sybil moved in a year after Oscar had passed as Basil missed his companion. It was love at first sight and our home was full of play again. Sybil is now 6 and a half, and a typical girl - little Miss Busy Body, the Village Snoop and the most wonderful mum to Hector, 4 this month. She still washes his face even though he sits up and tries to push her off with his front paws - he soon gives in when she tells him off.  If she feels he's too rough with Basil, she pulls him off by his collar.


Hector loves snails (yuk!) and definitely fancies himself. He loves water and big muddy puddles!! He also loves stealing anything in order to be chased, his favourite challenge is to steal his Mum's collar and oh how he enjoys teasing us all. The worst game he has is to get Basil and Sybil to sing (loudly!!) and when the 3 choir singers are in full voice it is extremely hard to stop them


Oscar and the children were the start of my calendars (Maisy dressed for the odd BBQ and enjoyed showing off too). He so loved being involved with the children when they were small and it all started as a cheap Christmas present for family to make them smile all year.

Oscar was a poser and he would do anything for the camera, he had mice and birds on his head, guinea pigs between his paws and of course he dressed up. When Basil joined him they were Batman and Robin, Flowerpot Men, Hippies, Punks and oh, so much more. The camera came out and they were ready for action.

The first ALL dog calendar was in 2004 and included Sybil's Babies (Basil thought he was Dad) and that was a big hit. The pressure is on every year when family and now friends wait in eager anticipation. They get together with their own families at Christmas and open the calendar together. So far I have been blessed with ideas each year and so I dread the day inspiration fails.

As previously mentioned the calendar was first designed to bring a year of laughs and so far it has. The first calendar was given to 20 people...and 14 years later...  this last Christmas when we gave away 70 A3 slimline and 40 A4 slimline all printed on inkjet printers, cut, punched and bound in my bedroom.

This page was supposed to be 'About Me' I hear you say! But you see it is because Airedales are what I'm about. They well and truly get under your skin and bring such joy and "Oh no what have you done this time!" into your life. I can't imagine my life without an Airedale, there is never a dull moment. They are so intelligent and definitely think they're human! And once you've owned or been owned by an Airedale that's it for life.

I do hope you enjoy their website it has brought so much pleasure sharing their adventures with you - Do write with comments and have a look at our products.


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