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Welcome to my website!

 to the Agony Airedale - Aunt Sybil

Got a problem?


Aunt Sybil !!





Aunt Sybil advises            9th June 2008

Dear All  

I haven't had any letters lately so thought I would write with some tips for how to deal with your 2nd worst nightmare, getting your haircut:- 

1)  Do NOT make it easy for them          

2) Look sad and depressed and show them your tummy...always good for sympathy.

3) put the brakes on when they try to lead you by your collar and make yourself as heavy as possible when they resort to lifting you.

4) Only give in if biscuits, bones etc are offered but still be a bit pathetic.....GOOD LUCK fellow Airedales !


P.S. Bathing (WORST NIGHTMARE) instructions will follow when I have made it impossible for them                                                           










 Aunt Sybil advises                11th February 2009


Hello, I have an Airedale bitch named Fanta. She if really strong, She had her first period at 9 months and tree months later she is again with the period.

Is that normal?

She is very happy and seem normal.

Thank you, un saludo, Jacobo.

Valencia, Spain

Dear Jacobo                                                                                                                                                            Thank you for your question and believe it or not I had a short gap between my first and second period.  It's normal that the period can be a bit irregular in the beginning and if she's healthy and everything else is normal I shouldn't worry too much. Sometimes bitches can get Pyometra which is an infection in the uterus after the first period but it is rare. In that case the dog gets sick, tired, fever, won't eat, discharge form vulva etc. If the female continues to have close periods several times you should let a Vet look at her.                                                                                                                                           I hope this helps but I think you should contact your own Vet just to make sure she is okay. The infection is rare but my owner has learnt over the years that it doesn't matter if you think you are  wasting your Vets time. It is better to be wrong than to miss something that needs treatment. Your Airedale's health is most important.

Thank you for writing to me and I would love to hear how you get on, do keep in touch. Also please may I put your question on the website for others information, in case they have the same problem?

Love                                                                                                                                       Sybil xxxx 



 Aunt Sybil advises                12th February 2008

                                                                                                                                                                                           Dearest Sybil

I have a problem which is ruining my imaginative creations, my owner simply does not appreciate art! you see I am an amateur artist and needs time to work on my creations of which my owner keeps on destroying! I was making a masterpiece of a creation; by arranging my toys all over the house in a artistic way until my owner comes home... She gasps in amazement when she walks in at just how beautiful her lounge looked and my artistic creativity ,I was going for the theme of romance with a slight er... messy approach. I proudly sat in the middle of the room quite content that my owner was pleased with my work. the thing is she started ranting and raving about ' a mess' my masterpiece is not called 'the mess' or the '******* dog'  I thought she loved it! she gave me absolutely no credit or appreciation for all my effort. I was thinking of doing another creation called the 'smelly chocolate treat!'                        What sort of theme do you think I should do to please my owner for longer??

love the website



Dear Rennae,

Firstly may I say what an unusual name you have, quite delightful, makes mine seem very ordinary, however I digress - to refer to your problem, I have discovered over the years & after many mishaps over artistic designs i.e. beautifully arranged chocolate boxes & empty boxes among toys, slippers etc. that both myself, my son Hector & dear friend Basil have come to the conclusion that artistic work is out, out, out (they've no imagination). So I suggest you do nothing at all - then of course they'll come home & say, "What have you been doing all the time we've been out? Sleeping? Lazy Old Dog?"                                    You just can't win , Can You?

Love                                                                                                                                       Sybil xxxx 



 Aunt Sybil advises                18th January 2008

                                                                                                                                                                                           Hi Sybil

My name is Ebbi, I am two months old  and I am teething. What can I do to stop it hurting so much? Also, as it hurts I chew things, then my mummy Mollie tells me off for ruining chairs and slippers etc. etc. What can I do too stop it?

Love from Ebbi

P.S. Please write back very soon!



Dear Ebbi,

Sorry to hear of your teething troubles, I too at your age, suffered somewhat – I suffered some more (severe telling off) when I thought chewing 3 mobile phones might help (it didn’t!) my Mistress tied a few pairs of tights together, tied knots here and there and then played tug of war with me, I must say I found this quite successful and what’s more, after a while, it even removed a few of the troublesome molars, HURRAY!! – however, I don’t know how you can tell her this suggestion – don’t whatever you do, pull her tights from her drawer or washing machine, I would hate to be in your paws if you did – perhaps you could show her this letter. If all goes well and you get your knotted tights, don’t play with them when home alone as you could choke on them!!

 I hope this solves your problem

Love                                                                                                                                       Sybil xxxx 



 Aunt Sybil advises                17th January 2008


Dear Sybil,
I am 8 months old and desperately need your help. my owner doesn't seem to understand that when a dog needs to go we really have to go!                                                                             It wasn't my fault that I didn't realise that the carpet was new :( I even brought him one of my toys I had just been chewing as a sorry present and surprise surprise he wasn't pleased with it.... it was his favourite slipper. just my luck! I tried so hard to please him but he just doesn't get the picture!   I was thinking of putting an ad in the paper for a new owner as this one isn't working out too great. The thing is I don't really want to leave unless I have to, my new squeeky penguin and I have got quite close recently, also the food here is not too bad I suppose.

Your biggest fan even though I'm little,




Dear Terry,


First of all may I say how sorry I am to hear of your problems (we've all been there-done that I'm afraid). Obviously, you are very young, and because you are quite large (young Airedales are quite large) your owner is having difficulty in coming to terms with this, my advice to you is as follows:-

When you've got to go and this is a desperate situation, go to the door (front or back) and keep barking, your incessant noise should make them understand (and do anything to shut you up) to let you out, hopefully. As for his slipper - you are unwise to touch such a personal possession but they should not leave things lying on the floor - should they! I seem to remember Basil telling me that in his youth he got into frightful trouble over a potted plant, even though he felt a bit poorly at the time, (I don't think the leaves agreed with him) still that's another story - stick to your Penguin and any pressie you are given.

Hope this is some help to you - Good Luck!


Sybil xxxx




Sybil with the help of                                                                    her Nanny & Mum                                                                 who have 26 years                                                  experience of                                                                  Airedale mischief, quirks etc.. will do their best to help.  Please click the link above and ask her a question but remember any medical problems should always be directed at a Veterinary. My Mum always takes us if in doubt, after all we Airedales are very important pouches  who deserve only the best.

 Aunt Sybil advises                21st October 2007


Dear Sybil,
My name is Phoebe and I am 9 months old.  I don't know about you - but I cannot stand CATS!! I am settling down very well with my new mum (Val) but she doesn't seem to understand that I am never going to get used to George who seems to live in the same house as us.  I see him
each morning when mum brings him into the kitchen to have his breakfast.  She actually sticks me in my cage and shuts me in!! What a cheek!!.  He sits there purring and eating his breakfast looking extremely pleased with himself.  I, of course, start to bark and scream the moment he is brought into MY kitchen.  However this doesn't seem to stop mum bringing him in.  I know he sleeps somewhere
else in this house ( probably mums bedroom) I have tried on several occasions to force the door but no luck as yet.
I am a very pretty Airedale and have been going to Dog Shows with Molly and seem to be doing quite well.  Not too sure about all this grooming though !
I have been told about you  and also Hector and Basil - my mum says they stayed here and were very good dogs - They didn't chase cats - or so she says.
I am going to try and send you a photo of me.
Love to your lovely family
Phoebe.   xxx



Dear Phoebe,


I am so sorry to hear of your predicament. I understand your feelings about cats neither myself, Basil or Hector are fond of this species at all, it is disgraceful that it is allowed to eat in your kitchen and sleep in your mistresses bedroom, it would make all 3 of us bark & scream, maybe even howl and that I assure you would be a fearful thing to hear. Anyway my advice to you would be this very cunning plan. Do not bark, lie down in the hall completely acting doggo (you may have to do this for quite a long time in order to fool your mistress) you will know when the time is right to strike, on chosen day lay apparently kipping but watching sneakily with one eye. As your mistress passes you holding your arch enemy, inch along on your side, when she enters the kitchen and before she closes the door, launch your attack, this will require much patience on your part, difficult I know for a young Airedale like you, but practice makes perfect and time is of the essence so to speak (or should I say bark). I can also teach you how to work door handles should this plan fail. 

Good Luck & Lots of Love to you all

Aunt Sybil

P.S. I can't believe Basil & Hector didn't realise they had company on their holiday, mind you they are male you know.  I must say you are very pretty so I'm not surprised you are doing well in the Dog Shows, they say good looks are hereditary you know dear niece.










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