Text Box: The twinkle that shone from those soulful big eyes
The handsome young dog who became older,
Who aged with such style.
Your antics – your manner….always caused me to smile.
Memories…..sweet treasured memories
That time will not fade, or bring to an end
Oh how I miss you, dearly miss you
Robbie, Dear Robbie, My Airedale My Friend.
                     Born April 1993
                     Died 20th July 2006
I will miss the bemused look, you wore cheekily
My shouts of “No Digging” were met
With a pause, a glance and that look! The look that said “Who Me?”
The anger you feigned when someone invaded your space,
The look that appeared on your strong handsome face.
The look you could never disguise


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Music is the theme from 'Somewhere in Time' by John Barry & Roger Williams